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Venus enters Scorpio
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Just choose Calcular Carta Natal and insert the data. The site is a bit slow to download, however.

And the last one is psychicscience. Placidus is the default system with basic chart delineation in 3 languages. How about the nuts and bolts of casting your chart by hand? Catherine Sinclair is a professional astrologer and tarot reader, based in the sunny city of Lyon, France. Catherine worked previously as a Business Analyst in pharmaceutical and insurance companies, but Saturn return completely changed her career.

Catherine offers consultations in natal, predictive, horary and electional astrology. Save my name, e-mail, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Capricorn Dominant In Natal Chart

Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Meet Catherine! Astrology basics Best free sites to cast your first natal chart! The dates are set for Jan 1 , in Paris. In Free horoscopes menu, go to Birth chart online calculator, then enter your data. View Larger. Bonus Special mention goes to Astro-Codex.

By the way, I tried the rectification option — it was off by 1h48mins! PPS How about the nuts and bolts of casting your chart by hand?

Free Compatibility Report - Astrology

Astrology consultation! If you are enjoying the content, you may be interested in one of my services! Tags: basics free natal chart. Take note of your profile and PIN only if you want to keep these sets of birth data.

Best free sites to cast your first natal chart!

Chart data is saved in a cookie in your browser. If you clear your cache, this data will be erased. However, if you take note of the Profile and PIN numbers directly below your list of charts, you can log in to that profile with these numbers in order to retrieve the chart data. This is also useful for retrieving stored data on other devices. Please note that chart data is saved for convenience, but we cannot guarantee that it will be stored perpetually. It's always wise to keep data anonymous by using an initial or pet name in the name field.

The following are free reports offered by Cafe Astrology.

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The first option, the Birth Chart, gives you your natal chart, easy-to-read listings of the positions of the planets and houses in your chart, as well as the aspects between planets and points. Interpretations of these positions are provided, many of which are our original interpretations. After reading the report, you might want to explore your natal chart further with our astrology articles and features.

Returning to this page, you will find a list of any charts you've created above , which you can keep or delete at will. There are also report options for unknown birth times below, but if you do know the birth time s , your reports will include more factors if you select them from the links at the top or bottom of the natal chart report page. Note that if you want to save the birth data, it makes sense to use the regular Create A Chart feature and select Unknown Birth Time. Input your birth data here to get your natal chart, positions of the planets and more in the natal chart, and short descriptions of these positions.

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  • You probably know your Sun sign. This report will also reveal your Moon sign, Mercury sign, your Ascendant if you know your birth time, and more.

    Cafe Astrology's Free Charts

    Input your date of birth and that of your lover or potential lover for a short compatibility report, with interpretations of how your planets interact with each other, as well as scores. See how the planets' positions today affect your personal natal chart. These horoscopes are based on your date of birth, not just your Sun sign. Birth time not necessary for this report.

    If you know your birth time, create a Birth Chart first, scroll to the bottom of the report, and then select your transits report. See the planets' influence on your personal natal chart for the next 14 days. Get our comprehensive Astrology Reports here. A note about Profile Numbers and PINs The profiles store birth data for your convenience and are not an official account system as they are not associated with an email address.

    If you haven't noted down the profile and pin numbers and you see only a new profile number with a blank PIN, you may have cleared cookies or you are on a new device. You simply need to start over by reentering the birth data and you can generate the same free reports--as many as you'd like for each set of chart data--as you did earlier. It's better not to rely on this system to store birth data perpetually as it's currently not designed that way.

    What is the Moon Sign

    About Using this Chart Service Since , Cafe Astrology has offered this free report section for people interested in exploring their astrology charts further. Please note that there is no obligation involved with using this service. It's always been free to use and there are no plans to change this!

    I do ask that you try to keep the saved charts low in number to reduce server load and cost. Doing so will help keep the site operating smoothly. It helps to avoid clicking links and form buttons too quickly. The firewall temporarily blocks bot-like activity, and you're best off when it assumes you're human!